Academic publishes one of the best books of the year

A book by University of Leicester academic Dr Kate Loveman has been cited among the best books of the year.

The Spectator's 'Best and Most Over-rated Books of the Year' section – fortunately Dr Loveman is in the first category – is an end-of-year round up of columnists' book recommendations.

Her publication, Samuel Pepys and his Books: Reading, Newsgathering, and Sociability, 1660-1703 is recommended by Christopher Howse.

The book, published by OUP, draws on Pepys's famous diary of the 1660s and on his extensive collections. It examines unpublished and little known material and includes significant new discoveries about Pepys's life and Restoration culture.

The book examines reading practices, collecting, and the exchange of information in the late seventeenth century. The investigation goes beyond Samuel Pepys's famous diary of the 1660s, employing a variety of sources to explore the role that reading played in Pepys's life and in the lives of his contemporaries.

Dr Loveman adopts a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary approach, combining insights from literary studies, political history, sociology, and the history of science.

Dr Loveman, an Associate Professor in English at the School of Arts, said: “I’m delighted that my book seems to be reaching a wider audience. This is largely down to the appeal of Pepys himself: his varied interests coupled with his lively writing mean he’s an excellent introduction to many aspects of Restoration life.”