University of Leicester Monopoly game needs suggestions from Community Chest

Would you be tempted to buy the Percy Gee Building for £300? Perhaps you’d rather build on the Bennett Building than Bond Street? Or think that our Oadby campus would benefit from a hotel – after you have built four houses there already, of course.

If you’re a fan of the classic board game Monopoly then you have the opportunity to make all these things happen and more by suggesting ideas for the latest version: we’re working on our very own edition of one of the world’s most popular board games and we need your help to create the University of Leicester edition!

We’d like staff, students and alumni to give us their suggestions on locations for the board, as well as the text for the Chance and Community Chest cards. While you won’t pass Go and collect £200, you will have a Chance of winning a copy of the limited edition game when it is published (due to arrive in autumn 2016).

You can send in your suggestions via our online form and there will be suggestion boxes located around campus. You can check the terms and conditions on our Bookshop website.

So don’t keep your cards close to your (Community) Chest – send in your suggestions by midday on Wednesday 1 June and you might just see your ideas become a reality!