Leicester could be a champion of globalisation thanks to Premier League success

With an historic Premier League trophy to its name, Leicester now has a unique branding strategy that is the envy of cities around the world.

That is according to Inès Hassen, a PhD researcher in our Centre for Urban History, who has been conducting research on Leicester’s economic and urban change in the age of globalisation for the past four years.

She argues in a new opinion piece that the Premier League success of Leicester City Football Club, coupled with the University of Leicester’s discovery of Richard III, has boosted the city’s branding strategy by providing it with the final selling point to make it truly unique.

Inès said: “Within this globalised world, where branding strategies are being replicated in across different cities, Leicester now possesses a unique promotional springboard that is the envy of the world.

“Leicester, surprisingly, may have become a global model for multicultural cooperation. And what is certain is that the city can position itself confidently as a champion of globalisation: a medium-sized city that has the world at its feet.”

Describing Leicester as the ‘sporting capital with cultural capital’, Inès argues that the city’s strength lies in embracing its diversity and celebrating its residents’ cultural heritage.