Academics bring expertise to Brexit debate

As the potentially historic EU referendum draws closer and voters consider whether Britain should leave or remain part of the European Union, academics at our University have been contributing to the public debate with opinion pieces and media comment.

A dedicated EU referendum microsite has been set up to collect together all the University's news, information and thought pieces on the upcoming vote, and you can read about our latest contributions to the debate below.

Several academics and staff at the University of Leicester have given their reaction to the Brexit result.

Professor Iain Gillespie, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, was interviewed by ITV Central for a programme on the impact of Brexit on universities. Also interviewed was student Jackie Ferdinand, who is an EU student studying at Leicester.

Professor Ali al-Nowaihi from the Department of Economics has written an article for Think: Leicester on why he thinks future referenda needs more legislation.

Dr Chris Grocott from the School of Management has written an article for The Conversation discussing the future of Gibraltar following the EU referendum.

Dr Simona Guerra from the Department of Politics and International Relations has written an article for The Conversation discussing attitudes towards the EU.

Leicester economist and Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Hall was among co-signatories to a new statement warning on the risks of Brexit.

Liz Kendall, Leicester West and Labour MP, discussed how the University’s Centre for Medicine has benefited from European Union investment in the House of Commons.

President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle has joined 95 other UK university Vice-Chancellors in outlining why universities are stronger in Europe in a letter for The Independent.

Our President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle joins Professor Panicos Demetriades and Dr Sara Lemos from our Department of Economics; Dr Mark Langan, Dr Simona Guerra and Dr Tara McCormack from the Department of Politics and International Relations; Dr Lisa Rodgers and Pascale Lorber from Leicester Law School; and Dr Benjamin Hopkins from the School of Management in giving their academic views in a podcast interview produced by the University's News Centre:

The University and our Students’ Union have spearheaded campaigns to highlight the importance of students registering to vote for the EU referendum.

Professor Paul Boyle has recently been speaking publicly about the benefits of EU membership to universities and science in general:

Academics at Leicester have also been commenting on aspects of the European Union and Brexit debate, tacking a range of issues in the public eye and a few topics you may have overlooked:

  • Professor Clare Anderson from the School of History has written an opinion piece discussing some of the positive benefits of EU membership and how it is vital in securing our influence across Europe and all over the world.
  • Panicos Demetriades, Professor of Financial Economics and former governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus, explains why he thinks British leaving the EU "will impact massively on the economy, on jobs and on the prospects of the country" in a podcast interview for the University News Centre.
  • Professors Jo Story and Mark Jobling from our School of History and Department of Genetics were interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on research into diasporas and DNA analysis which adds new facets to the discussion on European identity. You can listen to the interviews online (from 23m 20s).
  • Dr Chris Grocott from the School of Management has written an article for The Conversation discussing how leaving the EU would be disastrous for the local economy of Gibraltar.
  • Professor Panicos Demetriades from the Department of Economic highlighted the strong economic argument for migration and the implications of leaving the European Union in an interview with Korean radio programme ‘This Morning’.

More links will be added here in the run-up to the referendum.