University of Leicester inspires new HeForShe video by Barclays

Our fellow 10x10x10 IMPACT Champion, Barclays has replicated our film concept for their own HeForShe campaign video.

The video shows Barclays CEOs pledging their commitment to HeForShe - the U.N. Women's solidarity movement for gender equality and has already been viewed over 240,000 times. You can view their video here

Barclays credit University of Leicester for the film inspiration

Leicester was invited by the United Nations to be one of just ten universities in the ‘10x10x10 IMPACT Champions’ programme. HeForShe was formally launched in the UK with a bus tour in September/October last year which started in Leicester.

Our in-house team comprising Hayley Evans, video producer and Amy Cory, former Multimedia News Officer, produced the University’s HeForShe video and Jonathan Sisson, Digital Content Officer came up with the concept.

In our video, members of the University’s community discuss their experiences of being treated differently because of their gender, explain why movements like HeForShe are important in helping to achieve gender equality and describe their hopes for the future.

Jon Shears, Head of the Creative Team at the University, said: “It’s a great compliment to the creativity of our in-house team to see a major company like Barclays borrow our film concept. Simple ideas can be surprisingly difficult to generate but are often the most effective. Our HeForShe film is very direct and engaging and I’m really proud of the impact it’s made.”

For more information about our commitment to gender equality, visit our HeForShe website