Richard III team share memories of reinterment week

Dr Turi King, of the University's Department of Genetics and Mathew Morris of University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), have joined with other key figures involved in the Reinterment of King Richard III for a BBC Radio Leicester special programme looking back, one year on.

Turi and Mathew were reunited with City Mayor Peter Soulsby, Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police Simon Cole, and former Bishop of Leicester Tim Stevens for an hour-long special programme led by Ben Jackson to share some inside stories surrounding the reinterment week in March 2015.

Turi said: "In this special broadcast to mark the one year anniversary of the reinterment, we talk about our memories of the week, share some inside stories about the planning of the events, try to describe how people felt at the time and how it’s affected the city since."

Tune in to 'Richard III Reunion' at 1pm on Saturday 26 March on BBC Radio Leicester.

You will be able to listen again via the BBC iPlayer once the programme has aired here

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