Millions of people are reading opinion pieces written by Leicester researchers

Millions of people are reading opinion pieces authored by Leicester academics.

Articles hosted on Think: Leicester, the University's platform for academic opinion pieces, have collectively been read more than 2 million times and have been widely republished by media outlets.

Think: Leicester provides a platform for Leicester researchers to discuss their research in an easily digestible way and react to topical news by writing articles informed by their research expertise. Think: Leicester also republishes opinion pieces written for other platforms, creating a library of engaging content. You can read more about Think: Leicester here.

Think: Leicester has seen almost 300 articles published on it to date, covering a range of interesting topics from across the University.

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans from the Centre for Medical Humanities said: "Writing opinion pieces has forced me to write with brevity and to write fast in response to whatever is topical. My articles have been featured by news outlets and I have been interviewed on the radio, which has helped to communicate my research to larger audiences. From my personal experience, I would recommend working with the University’s Press Office and to have the confidence to express your academic opinion."

A selection of articles published on Think: Leicester include:

Would you like to contribute an opinion piece to Think: Leicester about your research or in response to topical news? Contact the News Centre to pitch your idea or read our submission guidelines.