Leicester shaking up the Premier League

Leicester City Football Club has been making a big impact on the Premier League this season, and their success is sending shockwaves, quite literally, through the city of Leicester.

Geology students have been monitoring large seismic signals detected by earthquake monitoring equipment installed at Hazel Community Primary School near the King Power Stadium. The students discovered that the equipment was actually measuring small earthquakes produced by the sudden energy release by the elated Leicester fans when their team scored a goal at home matches.

The most powerful signal so far detected was produced during the LCFC Vs Norwich game when LCFC scored the only goal of the match at the 90th minute, winning them the game.
Working with Paul Denton, a seismologist working for the British Geological Survey, the project, involving 20 students studying Geology and Geophysics at the University of Leicester, started off as an outreach project.

The students installed earthquake monitoring equipment at Hazel Community Primary School enabling them to detect, record and calculate the magnitudes of seismic signals coming from earthquakes around the world.

By measuring small earthquakes using this equipment, the students are then able to calibrate the calculation for the Leicester-goal-quakes.

During the match between Leicester and West Bromwich Albion on Tuesday 1 March, the equipment detected strong seismic signals during the first half when Leicester scored a goal which measured a magnitude 0.1. A much smaller signal was detected when the opposition scored – probably due to the smaller visiting crowds for an away game.

The students will continue to monitor the Foxes’ home games for the rest of the season, providing updates via the project’s dedicated Twitter account, @VardyQuake

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