Expert opinions cover stolen treasure sugar refugees the EU and market crashes

Professor Martin Parker from the School of Management has written an article for The Conversation discussing the origin of the national institute, the Bank of England.

Dr Clett Erridge from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences has written an article for The Conversation discussing the naturally-occurring kind of sugar, trehalose.

In an article for Spiked-Online, Dr Tara McCormack from the Department of Politics and International Relations suggests the EU's problems have nothing to do with Putin.

Academics Pascale Lorber, Oxana Golynker, Lisa Rodgers (Law School) and Benjamin Hopkins (School of Management) have written an article for Think: Leicester discussing employment rights for workers in the UK as a member of the EU.

Dr Daniel Ladley from the Department of Economics has written an article for The Conversation discussing how the proportion of female traders has a strong effect on market stability.

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