Two Leicester student societies shortlisted for national awards

Two University of Leicester student societies have been shortlisted for the National Societies Awards to be held on Saturday 4 June at UWE Bristol.

The Autistic Spectrum Society has been nominated for the ‘Commitment to Participation’ award for their campaigning work this year, and the Polish Society nominated for ‘Student Event of the Year’ for the National Polish Congress hosted at the University in February.

The 12 official awards, supported by NUS, are increasingly becoming recognised by employers nationwide as distinct indications of student determination and drive. Each award, represents an array of distinguishable attributes admired by employers, universities, colleges and Students’ Unions alike.

In April this year, the Autistic Spectrum organised a week-long series of events aimed to educate the university population about the condition as part of Autism Awareness Month.

Charlotte Fawdry, President of Leicester University Autistic Spectrum Society (2015/2016) and Postgraduate Student in The Department of History of Art and Film, said: “Being shortlisted for the Commitment to Participation award at the National Society Awards is testament to the effort and time I, as 2015/2016 President of the Autistic Spectrum Society, have dedicated to the role.

"The introduction of an annual Autism Awareness Week at Leicester has enabled us, as a Society and as a whole University, the ability and opportunity to ensure more people have an understanding – no matter how limited – about Autism Spectrum Conditions."

Hundreds of European students visited Leicester in February for the annual Congress of Polish Student Societies. The main goal of the distinguished annual event is to forge the leaders of tomorrow, integrate the young, vibrant Polish community into the British society and provide the most talented students with challenging graduate opportunities.

President of the Polish Society at Leicester, Aleksander Tzanov, said: "We are feeling extremely proud for being shortlisted for the Student Event of the Year. It is a recognition for our hard work and determination to organise a conference without having prior knowledge and experience of organising such an event. It took great effort to invite over 20 speakers, six sponsors and 18 partners. However, as we can see our hard work paid off, since over 300 delegates participated in Congress and we are being shortlisted for the award."

The winners will be announced on Saturday 4 June.

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