Scientists invited to take advantage of leading high energy research centres

Our University is facilitating a Europe-wide programme that makes available some of the leading facilities in high energy astrophysics to scientists from around the world.

Professor Paul O’Brien (pictured) from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, is the lead of the call to provide free access to cutting edge X-ray and gamma-ray data analysis methods including use of data tools, archives and space instruments to scientists working within Europe and internationally.

The programme aims to widen opportunities for scientists to exploit both European-funded and international X-ray astronomy facilities and X-ray data archives in order to enhance high-energy astrophysics across Europe. 

Professor Paul O’Brien said: "The University of Leicester is a world centre for high energy astronomy and the AHEAD project will help us train the next generation of scientists. Visitors get expert help including access to data while we encourage the dissemination of our experience to new users of facilities we helped to build.

“The AHEAD programme provides expert training and access to world-class research institutes. We particularly encourage applications from young scientists, and over the next three years dozens will have the opportunity to learn how to make new discoveries about the most powerful energy sources in the Universe."

The programme forms part of the AHEAD (Integrated Activities for High Energy Astrophysics) project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 Research Infrastructure Program.