Students Union shows some LeicesterLove during exams

Exam times are always stressful, so to help students through, the Students’ Union has been playing fairy godmother and granting wishes with a bit of #LeicesterLove.

Students were asked to tweet their requests to the Students’ Union using the hashtag #LeicesterLove, and the executive team chose their favourite wishes to fulfil.

The wishes came in all shapes and sizes, from simple requests like free printing credits, right down to the more esoteric like a place to keep horses and a Kylo Ren lightsaber.

Student granted a free breakfast by Union
MSc student Jan Šíla enjoys a free lunch in the Union

Prizes given away throughout the campaign ranged from cuddles with the Union pup and free lunches through to train and plane tickets home, and as a result #LeicesterLove became one of the top trending topics on Twitter in Leicester.

Student granted free flight home to Jersey by SU

The campaign also saw the exec team leaving motivational post-its dotted around the University to give students a boost while they were revising and turning their training room into a chill-out zone with Lego and arts and crafts. They also gave away exam packs including free pencil cases, stress balls, highlighters, pens and revision planners.

The SU posted motivational post-it notes around the uni during exams
One of the motivational post-its left around the University

Lily Patrick, Students' Union's Education Officer said: "The exam period is a tough time of the year for everyone, so we thought we would spread a bit of #LeicesterLove to raise morale and alleviate some of the stresses that students commonly experience. It's definitely one of the most popular campaigns the Union has run in recent years, that we are sure to bring back soon."