Professor Paul Boyle to chair expert panel

Professor Paul Boyle is among seven leading scientists who are set to form a revitalised Scottish Science Advisory Council (SSAC) to advise Scottish Ministers from 1 February.

The appointments follow an internal review of the SSAC’s role and remit, including how it provides advice on science-related issues to Government and the Chief Scientific Adviser.

The new members of the SSAC bring a wealth of science expertise, from research in space engineering and Alzheimer’s disease, to experience of working with industry and organisations across the UK and in Europe.

Commenting on his appointment and plans for the SSAC, new Chair Professor Paul Boyle said: “This is an exciting time to be joining the SSAC. The independent scientific advice provided by the Council will be a vital part of the information that Ministers and policy officials across the Scottish Government will use to make robust decisions that will benefit Scotland’s future economy and society.” 

The first meeting of the new SSAC will be on 4 March, 2016. The agenda will focus on the SSAC’s priorities for the next two years.