Highlights from Sir David Attenboroughs visit to the University

Sir David Attenborough's lecture on 'Beauty in Nature' on Thursday 28 January saw De Montfort Hall packed with audience members eager to hear the renowned broadcaster discuss his experiences with the natural world.

From birds that develop unique and wondrous plumage to a type of puffer fish that creates highly complex artistic displays on the sandy seabed, the lecture explored ways in which the Animal Kingdom recognises and appreciates beauty in a number of fascinating examples.

After the lecture three lucky competition winners were given the opportunity to ask Sir David thought-provoking questions, including what challenges await us in the future as a result of manmade climate issues and his closest call in the natural world - including witnessing a 'dummy charge' from an elephant.

The lecture was held as part of the University's flagship Chancellor's Distinguished Lecture series.

Today (29 January) Sir David opened a new £1.5million fully-inclusive gallery wing of the Attenborough Arts Centre, championed by his brother, Lord Attenborough. Further information and a video of the new exhibition spaces are available here.

A video of extracts from the lecture is available below:

Sir David Attenborough returned to the place of his Leicester childhood to open a new fully-inclusive gallery championed by his brother Lord Attenborough:

A recording of Sir David Attenborough's lecture including a Q&A session with the three competition winners: