Economist featured in Financial Times front page story

Professor Panicos Demetriades (pictured) from the Department of Economics has been featured in the front page article of the Financial Times entitled 'Economists say remaining in EU is vital for UK's future prosperity', published on Monday 4 January.

In the article Professor Demetriades, who is Ex-Governor of Central Bank of Cyprus and member of the Governing Council of the ECB, discusses the Brexit and what it could mean for the future of the UK’s economy.

The article features the largest number of economists to respond to the FT's survey so far in its 11 year history.

Professor Demetriades’s quote in the article reads: "There is no doubt that Brexit is a factor that will weigh heavily on the prospects of the U.K. economy and beyond. Besides the obvious barriers to trade and impediments to capital flows it is likely to create, it may unleash political and economic uncertainty relating to the future of the European project that could have deleterious economic consequences in the whole of Europe. Although the vote itself is unlikely to have much of an impact in 2016, it will almost certainly affect the medium term prospects of the U.K. economy."