Hundreds of European students expected to visit Leicester for annual Congress of Polish Student Societies

A distinguished annual event which travels the country attracting hundreds of Polish students from across Europe will be hosted at our University between 26 - 28 February.

The Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK gives undergraduates an opportunity to come together to listen to keynote speakers such as Maciej Orłoś (journalist), Jan Żyliński (candidate for the Mayor of London), Jacek Żakowski (journalist) and Bernard Szczech (Chief Executive of IBM Services UK).

Up to 200 young delegates are expect to attend the two-day event, held next February.

It will include Polish students studying in the UK, delegations of Polish students from the Netherlands, France and Poland, as well as a select number of high school students also from Poland.

Congress Leader Aleksander Tzanov said: "By hosting this Congress, our main aim is to forge the leaders of tomorrow, promote Polish culture and expose the most talented students to potential employers.

"Additionally, we would like to build a platform for networking between Polish students in the UK."

For more information, visit the website.