Toxic Apocalypse hits University campus in independent film

A feature film partially shot on the University of Leicester campus has been released through Amazon’s Video on Demand service.

The Wrong Floor was produced over three years around Leicester and Coalville, with the front of the University’s Fielding Johnson Building representing a court-house in a scene that was filmed in March 2014. Several of the protesters outside the courthouse are University staff and students.

The film, which mixes action, horror and comedy, had a premiere screening at Phoenix Arts in April and has now been retitled Toxic Apocalypse (please note: the trailer contains graphic content that some may find upsetting) for its release on Amazon Video. Mike Simpson, Senior Web Communications Officer in the Marketing Communications Office, has a major role in the film as a mad scientist converting toxic waste into a highly addictive drug.

“We shot the film on occasional weekends and evenings over several years,” said Mike. “Because scenes are filmed out of order, my hair gets greyer or darker repeatedly throughout the film, often when my character Dr Logan walks through a door. Hopefully people won’t notice this because they will be distracted by the explosions, gunfights and toxic mutants.”

“Also my bow tie changes colour occasionally,” he added.