Pro Bono Society speaks to BBC about volunteering in the local community

Law students at our University showcased the work they do for the local community recently on BBC radio.

The Pro Bono Society at the Leicester Law School were interviewed by Leicester graduate Lukwesa Burak on BBC Radio Leicester on 7 December on the importance of Pro Bono work, including Anna McCormack (Chief Officer), Kimberley Clifton (Director of the Street Law Project) and Zoe Morris (Director of Crime Club).

They discussed the importance of the work that the student volunteers complete for the community and equally discussed the benefits that Pro Bono work has for students in obtaining commercial awareness, providing networking opportunities and in developing practical skills in applying the law.

The discussion also included the new Litigants in Person Project as a topical and important initiative for the Pro Bono Society to set up, alongside the Immigration and Asylum Project. The Legal Advice Clinic and Project LIGHT were highlighted as other options for the public to seek legal advice without incurring expensive legal fees, as well as the Miscarriages of Justice Project and Lawyers Without Borders.

Finally, the team highlighted the importance of initiatives such as Street Law and Crime Club in targeting younger people and developing their knowledge of the law and encouraging them to take an interest in a career in law.