Festival turns spotlight on issues that people who are transgender are facing at home and abroad

Issues that people who are transgender are facing at home and abroad, and what ought to be done about the issues, were the focus of "Transgender, at Home and Abroad", a panel event held on December 6 as part of the 2016 Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival.

The event was chaired by Mirjam Twigt, an interdisciplinary Sociology / Media and Communication PhD candidate and Graduate Research Assistant (Media and Communication) at our University.

Mirjam said: "The event, among other things, provided us with an excellent opportunity to look at how we can create and secure, inclusive spaces for people who are transgender, here and elsewhere." 

Speaking at the event were: Dr Zowie Davy, a Senior Lecturer in LGBTQ Research at De Montfort University; Dr Nayia Kamenou, a Lecturer in Social Work also at De Montfort University; Paul Fitzgerald, the East Midlands Ambulance Service’s Equality and Diversity Manager; Lynne Woodward, the Leicestershire Police Head of Equality and Human Rights; and, an officer from Leicestershire Police who, earlier this year begun presenting as female at work.