I often get into trouble with my producers for highlighting Leicester news so much

Geography graduate and news presenter Lukwesa Burak has been interviewed about her enthusiasm for hosting the Discovering Excellence Awards last month at the University, as well as her experience studying for a Master's degree at our University, and how she applied her experience in order to break into broadcast journalism.

Born in Zambia, Lukwesa came to the UK aged 8. Now living locally with her husband and two children, it was during her undergraduate year abroad in Switzerland that the University caught her attention.

After graduating in 1998, Lukwesa used knowledge from her Master’s degree studying Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to work for Transport for London where she helped with the development of the Jubilee line. From there, she took a job working for Leicester City Council, advising on how to reduce air pollution in the city. It was during this time that Lukwesa, as she puts it, ‘fell into the media side of things’, successfully applying for a Broadcast Assistant role.

Lukwesa said: “I often get into trouble with my producers for highlighting University of Leicester news so much, but I am passionate about all of the universities that I have attended because of what they have given me."

Prior to the BBC, Lukwesa has had a long career in television broadcasting, encompassing roles at Sky News, Al Jazeera and eNews Channel Africa. After completing her MSc in Geographical Information Systems in 1998, and after a brief time at Leicester City Council, she got her first role in the Weather Department at the BBC Television Centre and worked in BBC television and radio for nearly 5 years.

Lukesa was recently asked to helm the BBC’s Inside Out East Midlands current affairs programme.

She presented her first edition of the programme on Monday 5 September, which was a Brexit special focusing on the impact on the East Midlands.