Pokmon Go helps highlight Leicesters inventive approach to communications

The Pokémon Go craze has helped millions of people around the world to ease the Type 2 diabetes burden by walking and catching digital monsters.

Now, the viral app has helped our University snag an accolade for its 'inventive' approach to communications.

PR consultancy Gerard Kelly & Partners, an expert consultancy service that offers education PR, marketing and communications management to UK schools, universities and business, has bestowed Leicester with its 'Communications #win of the month' plaudit, highlighting our uncanny ability to 'never miss the opportunity to use a news event for [our] own purposes' - and quite right too!

On this point the article praises our communication of research - working with Orange Juice Communications - glowingly stating: "Hence the incredibly resourceful “Pokémon Go could ease Type 2 diabetes burden”, according to researchers at the University of Leicester.  “If there is something out there which is getting people off the sofa and pounding the streets then this game could be an innovative solution for rising obesity levels,” said one Leicester academic. 

"The inventive press team even managed to find a grateful punter. Tom Booth has become a regular Pokémon Go user despite suffering from acute social anxiety that has deterred him from leaving home. “I originally thought it was just for kids, but I downloaded it to see what all the fuss was about and for the first time in years I’ve left the house and walked miles just by following what’s going on in the game.”

"Well done, Leicester. You’ve done your bit for the community, your university and a Japanese multinational and managed to make us smile."

In May GKP highlighted student research into the the feasibility of crying a river and the plausibility of spells in the Harry Potter universe as its top two most interesting University research stories of the month, illustrating how novel approaches to communications can titillate the minds of audiences far and wide.