Lecturer curates video exhibition in Argentina and Brazil

A new video exhibition curated by a lecturer from our School of Modern Languages will explore the world 'between languages' at venues in Brazil and Argentina.

Dr Clara Garavelli has curated a series of video exhibitions entitled ‘Entre lenguas: Video experimental argentino’ (‘Between Languages: Experimental Argentine Video’) that will take place at the Lavarden Theatre in Rosario (Argentina) on 12 August and at the Museum of Sound and Image of San Pablo (Brazil) on 19 and 20 August, thanks to the support of Instituto Cervantes (Brasil) and Fundación de la lengua (Language Foundation) (Rosario, Argentina). The show will iterate through different Institutos Cervantes in Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Mina Gerais, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, San Salvador de Bahía and Recife.

The selected works suggest a particular understanding of the world and our existence from a reflection on langue(s) and language(s). The title of the exhibition encourages the audience to explore notions of ‘between languages’ because it is placed between Spanish, Portuguese and the language that tends to legitimize the global video production: English. And, when speaking about languages, we have to think about the human capacity to communicate through multiple processes and signs, in other words, about langue. Accordingly, this exhibition reflects on the langues that unite the Brazilian and Argentine communities, but also on the relationship that exists between the different languages, in this case, the written, literary, poetic, and essay forms and their relationship with the audiovisual and the specifically videographic.

Dr Garavelli has organised several events on Latin American film in recent years, including one that gathered together films and directors that participated in the SODRE’s International Film Festival and a conference bringing together multicultural local communities and Latin American Film culture.