A change in Leicesters DNA Research Professional features new research institutes

President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise Professor Iain Gillespie (pictured) have spoken to Research Professional about the University’s pioneering new research institutes.

Our four new institutes will bring together experts from a range of academic disciplines to focus on areas of study that will have a real impact on peoples’ lives, such as the development of medical treatments tailored for individual patients.

Describing the development as 'a change in Leicester’s DNA', the magazine interviews Professor Boyle about the philosophy behind the creation of the institutes, which focus on enabling and encouraging interdisciplinarity, and Professor Gillespie adds his insights into how the institutes will operate.

In June, the University announced four new institutes in:

They are expected to deliver a step change in research breakthroughs as they set out to grapple with some of the biggest medical, scientific, economic and social questions around including many of those targeted by a £1.5 billion Global Challenge Research Fund set up by the government earlier this year.