Pope Franciss appeal for Poland to welcome refugees may remain unanswered

Pope Francis’s appeal to Polish people to welcome refugees into the country and to embrace EU integration may remain unanswered, according to an expert from the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Dr Simona Guerra (pictured, left) has written an article for Think: Leicester, the University’s platform for independent academic opinion, discussing Pope Francis’s recent visit to Poland during the World Youth Day gathering to mark the 1,050th anniversary of Poland's adoption of Christianity.

While Pope Francis appealed for people to show a merciful heart towards refugees and to welcome them into the country, Dr Guerra suggests that his call for mercy may remain unanswered due to the government and its concerns about the consequences of EU integration.

In the article she said: “While the European Commission stressed that it is important not to confuse the refugees’ crisis with security, Poland is currently again under the spotlight, after the January Constitutional crisis, as the Commission has given a three-month notice to take action to protect the rule of law in the country, before it may launch the unprecedented Article 7 procedure.

“Meanwhile Pope Francis’s appeals may remain unanswered, while he met with Polish bishops in private, and repeated his call for mercy before leaving on Sunday late afternoon.”