University to host encore of Sir David Attenboroughs public lecture

Sir David Attenborough’s lecture for the Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture series entitled ‘Beauty in Nature’, which was originally delivered in January 2016 at De Montfort Hall, Leicester, is to be screened for the public.

The screening will take place on 27 April in the University’s Peter Williams Lecture Theatre from 6pm to 7.30pm.

In addition to the recorded lecture, an exclusive 20 minute interview with Sir David about his childhood memories of growing up in College House on campus at the University of Leicester will also be screened.

Please note that these are video screenings only and Sir David Attenborough will not be present in person.

The lecture, which was part of the University of Leicester’s flagship Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture series inaugurated in 2015, is accompanied by an array of illustrations and clips from Sir David’s BBC wildlife documentaries and explores multiple aspects of ‘beauty’ within nature, ranging from birdsong and dances which form part of mating displays, to the visually striking patterns made in the seabed by a Japanese species of pufferfish.

Tickets for the public screening are free and can be booked via the website

On the 25 and 27 April there will also be lunchtime screenings for University staff and students only.