Researchers set to reduce heart disease risk for kidney transplant patients

Researchers at our University, working in conjunction with Loughborough University and Leicester’s Hospitals are set to reduce the risk of kidney transplant patients developing heart disease with the creation of specialised exercise programmes.

Whilst a kidney transplant can have a transformative impact on the life of a patient with kidney failure, they run a higher risk of developing heart disease, which can damage their new kidney and stop them from living life to the full.

The team has received a grant of £147,800 from Heart Research UK to compare different exercise programmes in kidney transplant patients, with the long term aim of developing safe and effective exercise to help reduce their heart disease risk.

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for all, but there are currently no exercise guidelines designed specifically for kidney transplant patients. Recent research conducted by the team identified that these patients are worried about damaging their new kidney by overdoing it, highlighting the need for developing specialised regimes.