Leicester films win prestigious Learning on Screen Awards

Two films produced by our University have been awarded prestigious Learning on Screen Awards by the British Universities Film & Video Council.

Learning on Screen is the only UK awards celebrating media production in learning, teaching and research, now in its twelfth year. Nominations for awards are submitted by broadcasters, production companies, education institutions, museums, publishers, charities, libraries, students and any other organisation or individual producing educational media.

At an event last night (Thursday 28 April) the 'We are HeForShe' video filmed and produced by Hayley Evans, Amy Cory and Jonathan Sisson from the Division of External Relations won the 'General Education In-House Production Award'.

The video showcases our commitment to being a HeForShe IMPACT champion university, supporting the UN’s global mission to mobilise more men and boys in support of gender equality. In the video, members of the University’s community discuss their experiences of being treated differently because of their gender, explain why movements like HeForShe are important in helping to achieve gender equality and describe their hopes for the future.

 'We are HeForShe' is available to watch here:

Following this win, the video 'Richard III: The DNA Analysis and Conclusion' produced by Dr Turi King and Professor Kevin Schürer and filmed and edited by Carl Vivian won the 'General Education Non-Broadcast Award'.

In the video Dr Turi King and Professor Kevin Schϋrer discuss the findings of the genetic and genealogical analysis in the King Richard III case. This includes coverage of all the genealogical research, and the results of the mitochondrial and Y chromosome analysis.

It also includes the genetically-predicted hair and eye colour of Richard III as well as the results of the Bayesian analysis of all the evidence in the case to come to a conclusion about the identity of Skeleton 1 from the Grey Friars in Leicester.

'Richard III: The DNA Analysis and Conclusion' is available to watch here: