Cultures of the Caribbean past and present in podcast

A Leicester archaeologist has launched a new podcast that explores the fascinating history of the Caribbean Islands as told through its objects.

‘A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects’ has been created by Dr Alice Samson from our School of Archaeology and Ancient History and Angus Mol of Stanford University’s Archaeology Center. In the project, the archaeologists give perspectives on the past and present cultures and societies of the Caribbean as told through its many enigmatic and fascinating artefacts.

Among the curious items they have cast their eyes over so far are the guaíza (pictured right), an enigmatic artefact excavated at El Cabo de San Rafael; an adorno from Brighton Beach that typifies the ceramic faces that the indigenous people of the Caribbean decorated their pots with; and grater teeth and what it was intended to grate.

A new podcast is released each Thursday via the Shores of Time website.