HGV navigation app by Leicester scientists takes to the road

University of Leicester scientists will demonstrate a new application to help HGV drivers find safe routes in urban areas at a roadshow showcasing new technologies that aim to minimise traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

On 16 September, the University will host the inaugural Roadshow for SATURN (SATellite applications for URbaN mobility) where an innovative geo-information platform and four demonstrator solutions are set to be showcased.

The University of Leicester team will explain the functionalities and capabilities of their HGV router and positioning system to the local authorities of Leicester and Leicestershire at the event.

The Roadshow will then travel across Europe, with stops in Toulouse, France, and Warsaw, Poland. It will culminate in Bordeaux, where SATURN partners will demonstrate the GEO Platform and the applications at the ITS World Congress in October 2015.

The SATURN Roadshow is organised in collaboration with the Leicester and Leicestershire Freight Quality Partnership, and is supported by EMBRACE, the East Midlands Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence.