University provides opportunity for children to win photograph taken from space

Children around the UK are invited to enter a competition organised by the University's National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), the UK’s leading research centre for studying our planet using observations from satellites in space, to win a large photograph of Earth taken especially for them during British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s stay on the International Space Station (ISS).

To enter, children must explain where on Earth they would like an astronaut on the ISS to photograph and why that location is interesting.

Three winning entries will be selected based on the entrants’ creative choice of location, and what they hope the image will reveal about our planet.

The competition, named EO Detective, will launch at the Family Fun Day: Our Amazing Planet event on Saturday 24October at 1.45pm at the Royal Institution in London.

Every day UK scientists use imagery taken from space, including astronaut photography, to better understand Earth’s changing environment – from weather and climate to animal migration.

Tim Peake’s stay on the ISS is a chance to celebrate the strength of space science research in the UK and inspire a new generation of scientists who will use Earth observation data.

Professor John Remedios, Director of NCEO at the University of Leicester, will be launching the EO Detective competition and resources. He said: “This competition and the classroom resources will introduce children to the value of satellite images for investigating all sorts of aspects of our blue-green world. We are looking forward to reading the ideas that children come up with.”

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