Leicester Cathedral named one of the top five most haunted places in the Midlands

In time for Halloween, ITV has compiled a list of the top five most haunted places in the Midlands - and Leicester Cathedral is ranked among them, said to be home of the ghost of Richard III.

A psychic has apparently experienced a very real close encounter of the...ahem...third kind when visiting Leicester Cathedral, believing that it is being haunted by the ghost of Richard III after taking a photo which she says shows an image of the deceased monarch's face in a stone slab.

The psychic, who took the photo after visiting the resting place of the former king, claims she could feel Richard's presence in the building and was shocked when she looked over her photos of the day.

While some may be sceptical, other supposedly haunted locations making the top five include such infamous creepy sightings as: the Black Eyed Girl at Cannock Chase; strange mist and wartime music in the now abandoned Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster; the bizarre shouting armoured man known as The Keeper at Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire; and The Grey Lady at Dudley Castle, thought to be the spirit of Dorothy Beaumont, who died in the castle, along with her baby, shortly after childbirth.

Read the article here and see what you think of the photographic evidence for Richard III's ghost haunting Leicester Cathedral

  • The Dig for Richard III was led by the University of Leicester, working with Leicester City Council and in association with the Richard III Society. The originator of the Search project was Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society.