Helping hedgehogs project to challenge alarming UK wildlife decline

Snuffling hedgehogs visiting gardens throughout the United Kingdom are becoming less common due to declining populations – and an event organised by Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust at the Botanic Garden on Saturday 24 October hopes to challenge this worrying trend.

The event, which forms part of Wild About Gardens Week, will focus on biodiversity in gardens and the Hedgehog Street project, an initiative designed to raise awareness among gardeners about how they can help wildlife and hedgehogs in particular.

During the day a series of activities will be available, including the opportunity to meet a hedgehog, children's crafts, wildlife gardening talks and more.

More than half of the thousands of UK animal and plant species have declined in the past 50 years for a range of reasons including loss of habitat, and many common garden species, such as hedgehogs, house sparrows, starlings and common frogs are becoming much less common.

The Wildlife Trusts are encouraging gardeners to make a difference by making their own gardens and the green spaces in their communities more wildlife friendly.

The event will take place on Saturday 24 October between 10.30am to 4pm at the University of Leicester Botanic Garden, Glebe Road, Oadby LE2 2LD.