Performance trio explores the true beauty of the feminine form with a collection of poems

An empowering performance of poetry about women and the real-life relationship they have with their bodies will re-examine the way the female form is characterised in today's society.

'Raving Beauties', a veteran theatre company trio, will appear at the free Literary Leicester festival on 11 November, to deliver a passionate – and at times rude, raucous and sensational – rendition of works by well-known female poets.

Hallelujah for 50ft Women is a collection of works by leading female writers, including Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy – author of Richard III's poetic eulogy read by actor Benedict Cumberbatch at the king's reinterment earlier this year.

Performers Fan Viner, Dee Orr and Sue Jones-Davies have described their show as 'a passionate desire to celebrate our bodies in a fully realised way leaving Barbie’s grotesque silent pliability in her box for good'.

The long-running theatre company has a history spanning more than 30-years, when it first appeared on the launch night of Channel 4, with its first poetic collection, In The Pink.

Festival director, Dr Harry Whitehead, said: “Raving Beauties are a unique phenomenon, hugely entertaining, and just a brilliant way for the festival to get its main events series up and running. We’ve actually sold out our pre-bookable tickets for the event already, but do just turn up on the night as there are always spaces left.”

Literary Leicester is now in its eighth year and runs from Wednesday 11 November, until Saturday 14 November.

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