Department of Chemistry strengthens links with collaborators in China

Links between our University and a university in China have been strengthened with a new agreement to encourage the exchange of students and academics.

The Department of Chemistry hosted Professor Shouqi Yuan, President of Jiangsu University in China, with colleagues from his university in November. During his visit, Professor Yuan signed an agreement between Jiangsu University and the University of Leicester on the formation of a Joint Research Laboratory in the Department.

This will facilitate student exchange (5-10 potential MSc students for the Department) and academic exchange in which two academics can make short visits to Jiangsu each year.

Professor Yuan was also conferred the status of Visiting Professor in recognition of his support and contribution to long-lasting collaboration between the University of Leicester and Jiangsu University. Two members of the Department of Chemistry, Professor Sergey Piletsky and Dr Michael Whitcombe, are Visiting Professors at Jiangsu and have produced seven joint publications with members of their staff in high profile journals.

Professor Sergey Piletsky said: “I am very pleased to host the visit of our colleagues from Jiangsu University as our College (and Department of Chemistry specifically) embarks on expanding our activity in China.

“The foundation of a Joint Research Laboratory between our Colleges is a stepping stone for building fruitful collaboration with Chinese partners in the area of molecularly imprinted polymers and their application in diagnostic and clinical areas.

“We will be further exploring this ‘open platform’ collaboration model for concentrating material and intellectual resources to solve complex scientific and engineering problems faced by our teams.

“This all will be beneficial for our income generation, scientific standing and help with future REF submission.”

Present during the visit were:

Professor Shouqi Yuan, President of Jiangsu University

Professor Songjun Li, Head, Institute/Dept of Polymer Materials

Professor Xiaobo Zou

Professor Xudong Ren

Professor Martin Barstow, Head of College of Science & Engineering

Professor Martin Halliwell, DPVC International

Professor Paul Monks, Research Director

Professor Sergey Piletsky

Professor Kal Karim

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