Do we face a DisUnited Kingdom

Politics experts from the Department of Politics and International Relations will be holding a free public ‘Question Time’-like roundtable discussion on the future of British politics in the wake of the 2015 General Election results on Thursday 14 May.

The researchers will take questions from the audience while reflecting on the General Election campaign, discussing the election outcomes and evaluating the broader implications for UK politics.

Topics to be discussed at the event will include why women and ethnic minorities are still under-represented in the House of Commons, where foreign policy will go from here and what is next for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

The results will be interpreted from the perspective of the experts’ research, with each researcher talking for a maximum of 5 minutes on their topic before opening up for general discussion.

Dr Meryl Kenny (pictured), lecturer in government and politics, who is organising the roundtable discussion, said: “The 2015 General Election was an astonishing night full of shock results, with huge consequences for British politics. This event will examine the implications of these dramatic results, as well as the questions and challenges that lie ahead in what looks to be a fundamental transformation of the British political landscape.”

This event is organised by the University of Leicester’s 3PO Research Cluster (Parties, Participation & Public Opinion) in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

The free public event will take place on Thursday 14 May between 5.00 - 6.30pm, in the Ken Edwards Building Room 528.

For more information about the University of Leicester’s 3PO Research Cluster visit the website here.