University to host international meeting in radiology and imaging

The University will host a major joint meeting of the world’s leading forensic/autopsy radiology and imaging groups – the International Society for Forensic Radiology and Imaging (ISFRI) and the International Association of Forensic Radiographers (IAFR) – from 14 to 16 May 2015.

Both groups are dedicated to promoting the use of imaging – such as plain film x-ray or CT scans – to provide information related to the investigation of natural and unnatural deaths.

World-leading forensic pathologist Professor Guy Rutty MBE, of the East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit and Chair of the ISFRI highlighted that the conference will mark the Society’s fourth annual meeting, as well as the 10th anniversary of the IAFR. He is an expert in non-invasive autopsies – specifically the use of radiology and imaging to glean information about how people have died as an alternative to traditional autopsies where the body is dissected.

The meeting will look to forge working relationships between all those engaged in post-mortem imaging of all types from all over the world through invited talks, members’ presentations, seminars and workshops.