The Myths of King Richard III and Dracula

The Shakespearian interpretation of King Richard III will be examined by a visiting Spanish academic when she visits the University next month.

Dr Cristina Mourón-Figueroa (pictured), of the University of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, will come to Leicester during the week of Richard III's reinterment to discuss medieval English literature and the “bunch back'd” Plantagenet monarch himself.

A member of the Richard III Society, she will discuss a number of topics based around the Middle Ages and Richard III, and talk to undergraduate students studying English at the University.

Her main focus will be the Bard's damning representation of Richard III in her lecture, 'Creating Literary Monsters: The Myths of Richard III and Dracula from a Comparative Perspective'.

She will also give lectures on the York Corpus Christi Plays – a series of 15th and 16th works which detail the history of creation to the last judgement – during her Erasmus exchange which takes place between Friday 20 March and Sunday 29 March.

Dr Mourón-Figueroa has also been lucky enough to have been selected to receive an invitation to the memorial service at Leicester Cathedral on 23 March after taking part in a random ballot.