Performance to explore former Russian spy murder mystery

The public inquiry about the mysterious circumstances of Alexander Litvinenko’s death has begun eight years after the former Russian spy was poisoned with a cup of tea in London in 2006.

Attenborough Arts Centre (formerly Embrace Arts), the University's arts centre, is showcasing The Litvinenko Project, a performance reliving the day Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned.

The Litvinenko Project invites people to interact with the performers while drinking cups of tea. 2Magpies Theatre created the tea party performance in order to influence the political discourse and get the audience talking about this international murder mystery.

The unique story involves fact, fiction, documentary, research, theatricality and tea. It will take place at Attenborough Arts Centre’s café on Thursday 19 March at 7:00pm.

Tickets cost £8 or £5 concessions.

Please visit the website to book tickets.