New book The Bones of a King to be published

The team behind the discovery and identification of King Richard III are to publish a new book on 20 March about Richard III entitled 'The Bones of a King: Richard III Rediscovered' that seeks to reveal for the first time the complete story behind the identification of the last Plantagenet king by University of Leicester experts.

The dramatic story of Richard III, England’s last medieval king, captured the world’s attention when the team from University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) identified his remains in February 2013. But, after being buried for over 500 years, the question remained – how could they prove it was really him?

Written specifically for the general reader, the book presents a riveting ‘as it happened’ unravelling of one of history’s great mysteries, as experienced, examined and interpreted by the highly-trained investigating team involved. It contains more than 40 illustrations, maps and photographs including coverage of the dig, the remains of Richard III and the reconstruction.

Explaining the scientific evidence behind Richard’s identification, including DNA retrieval and sequencing, soil samples, his wounds and scoliosis, and setting the discovery against what is known about events of the time, the book builds an expansive view of the life, death and burial of one of England's most notorious and enigmatic monarchs.

Furthermore, it shares the anticipation and excitement of the team as new evidence was uncovered, and to marvel at how a set of bones can now reveal so much.

The book will be officially launched at the University's campus on Saturday 21 March at 1:00pm at the University's Bookshop during the Richard III Open Day, a free day of family-friendly activities celebrating the University's research, discovery and identification of Richard III.

For more information about the Richard III Open Day, see the list of events here.

The book will be available to order from the University's Bookshop.