Leicester choir wins University Gospel Choir of the Year competition

Leicester University Voices (LUV), a choir comprising members of the Leicester University Gospel Choir (LUGC) has won the national finals of the University Gospel Choir of the Year competition, which took place on Saturday 14 March at the Hippodrome, North London.  

LUV battled it out with eight other choirs at the fifth annual competition, where judges Andrea Encinas, Mark De-Lisser, Stephanie Oyerinde and John Fisher provided support for all the choirs throughout the final.

Dammie Ogunshola from Leicester University Voices said: “I feel great. This was my vision when I took over as President and I am so proud of my choir and my executive team for making my dream come true. We almost didn’t make it that morning when the coach didn’t show up but God was on our side and provided for us to pay for another coach and for that all the glory must go to the Most High.

“I thank Chi Chi, a now alumni student who founded us from her vision, all the executive teams that have worked tirelessly over the years to prepare LUV for this victory, and all our families and friends for their support both financially and in prayer. I also thank AJ, our music director, and my executive team: Ayo, Cherice and Elizabeth.

“The future of LUV is certified to be an amazing one. We will continue to grow from strength to strength, we hope to do more things on the national scale ranging from back up choirs to more competitions, maybe a tour one day and of course defending our title at UGCY 2016.”

The University Gospel Choir of the Year competition allows university choirs to perform in front of a large audience, as well as receive feedback from some of the leading figures in the UK Gospel scene. It is a voluntary organisation that aims to provide a platform for University Gospel Choirs across the UK to develop and showcase their abilities.

The competition was launched in 2011 and brings together talented and diverse individuals through music encouraging them to strive for excellence and exceed their own expectations.

Tickets were priced at £8.00 for children under 10, £10.00 for adults and more on the door. Next year Leicester University Voices will return to defend their title.

The Leicester University Voices can be found on twitter at: @LEIUNIVOICES

A video of LUV’s performance can be seen below: