A eulogy for Richard III

During the reinterment of Richard III ceremony on Thursday 26 March Professor Gordon Campbell (pictured) from the School of English gave a heartfelt eulogy for the last Plantagenet king.

In the eulogy he outlined biographical information we know about Richard III and discussed how his historical reputation has changed over time from the tyrant of Shakespeare's plays to the much-loved figure seen by many today.

He concluded by thanking the many individuals involved in the discovery and identification of Richard III, saying:

"The recovery and identification of the bones of King Richard was the work of the University of Leicester’s archaeology team, led by Richard Buckley, and of scientists and historians in other University departments.

"Richard inherited his mitochondrial DNA from his mother, and his sister passed it down through the generations, where those who inherited it include Michael Ibsen, who not only assisted the University with its research, but also carved the coffin in which King Richard will soon be buried.

"Beyond the University, valuable assistance has been afforded by Philippa Langley (on behalf of the Looking for Richard Project and the Richard III Society), Sir Peter Soulsby (on behalf of the City of Leicester), The Right Reverend Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester (on behalf of the Church) and Lady Gretton, our Lord Lieutenant (on behalf of the Crown). All these people, and many others, have contributed to the process that has culminated in this service, in which we commit the mortal remains of King Richard to their final resting place."