Trailblazing women at the University celebrated in inaugural gallery

The University today (11 March) unveils its inaugural gallery of inspirational women to celebrate International Women’s Day 2015.

Twelve women have been selected to appear in an online gallery which will be included on a new website dedicated to supporting the careers of women at the University of Leicester. They include academics in areas as diverse as Medicine, Engineering, Archaeology and Education, as well as highly achieving members of the University’s professional services and administration.

The gallery will be revealed today at an awards ceremony at the University, introduced by President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle and with a speech by Dr Angela Lennox, University of Leicester academic and Associate Medical Director for NHS England. Fitness entrepreneur Rosemary Conley will give closing remarks for the event.

Staff at the University were invited to celebrate the achievements of women at Leicester by nominating candidates who work or have a link with the University.

The twelve selected nominations are:

  • Professor Liz Anderson (Department of Medical and Social Care Education)
  • Professor Helen Atkinson CBE, FREng (Department of Engineering)
  • Rajinder Bhuhi (Career Development Service)
  • Professor Hilary Burgess (School of Education)
  • Professor Mary Dixon-Woods (Department of Health Sciences)
  • Professor Lin Foxhall (School of Archaeology and Ancient History)
  • Dr Turi King (Department of Genetics)
  • Philippa Lambden (Stanhope House Day Nursery)
  • Dr Emma Parker (School of English)
  • Professor Catrin Pritchard (Department of Cancer Studies)
  • Frances Stone (Residential and Commercial Services)
  • Bridget Towle (Chair of Council)

The campaign has been spearheaded with the image of Professor Olive Banks (1923-2006) who was the first woman to be awarded a Chair at the University in 1972. She was the trailblazer for women at the University of Leicester and led the way for future generations of women at the University. Like Olive, all of these women have broken through in their chosen fields and have also supported others to make progress. 

The gallery will also be displayed in the windows of the University Bookshop and on television display screens across campus from 11 March. Each gallery entry will include a photograph and brief profile of the award recipient.