Society and Crisis Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations of Societal WellBeing

The Department of Sociology hosted a one day symposium on 4 June focused on measuring societal well-being during current recession. The talks offered new ideas for measuring well-being of individuals and modern societies, as well as preliminary findings on the life satisfaction levels in the UK following recent/current recession in the UK.

The event was held in association with the British Sociological Association who sponsored the event as part of the BSA Regional Postgraduate event series around the country. The College of Social Science and the Department of Sociology generously provided additional funding for the event.

The symposium brought together academics, mostly postgraduate researchers, from ten leading research universities around the country stretching from far north with the University of Aberdeen to deep south with the University of Sussex.

Two experts in the field, Professor Claire Wallace and Professor Andrew Oswald contributed to the event by providing engaging keynote talks that discussed the latest developments in the field of happiness studies. The event was organised by Katarzyna Kucaba , PhD student from the Department of Sociology whose work is focused on existing variation in life satisfaction trends in European countries in the last 12 years and the factors that are associated with these different trends.