New documentary warns of the effects of tax avoidance on national economies

Dr Angus Cameron (pictured) from the School of Management will be featured in the upcoming documentary The Price We Pay, directed by award-winning filmmaker Harold Crooks, which makes its British premiere at the Open City Documentary Festival in London on 19 June.

The documentary discusses the social and economic consequences of ‘legal’ corporate tax avoidance, particularly with respect to big banks and the tech giants of the 'cloud' economy.

The Price We Pay, which is produced by InformAction Films, first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September 2014, where it received rave reviews from French and Canadian media.

Following the film's release in France - where it has been seen by more than 50,000 cinema goers - French President François Hollande ordered a special screening of the film and called in one of the film’s other contributors, French economist Thomas Piketty, to discuss the issue of tax evasion with French Government Ministers.

Dr Cameron was approached to be involved in the documentary due to his research into the nature, meaning and function of the ‘tax state’ which is increasingly threatened by competition from low or zero-tax jurisdictions such as tax havens.

View the trailer for The Price We Pay below: