University stamp features on postbox to mark the 50th anniversary of Royal Mail Special Stamps

The stamp of the University of Leicester issued in 1971 was unveiled today by President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle on a post box in Leicester to mark the 50th anniversary of Royal Mail’s much-loved modern Special Stamps programme.

50 special stamp plaques are being installed on postboxes across the UK. Each plaque features one of the most popular stamps which has a special connection with the UK city, town or village in which it is located.

The University of Leicester was featured on a Special Stamp in 1971 as part of an issue celebrating modern British architecture.

The plaque was installed on the postbox at University Road, Leicester, next to the University entrance

Other stamps on postboxes include Winston Churchill, Bagpuss, Dylan Thomas, Robert Burns, the Giant’s Causeway, York Minster and Sherlock Holmes. It is hoped that it will attract attention and admiration from locals and tourists alike.

The Royal Mail modern stamp programme has features a total of 2,663 Special Stamps since July 1965 and every new stamp design is approved by Her Majesty, The Queen before it is issued. The Special Stamp programme has mirrored the changes in society and culture at large.