University launches new unit for eye-opening research

The University has recently launched the Ulverscroft Eye Unit to further advancements in ophthalmology research.

The Unit was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Ulverscroft Foundation - and was officially opened earlier this month by President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Boyle.

The Ulverscroft Foundation has supported ophthalmology research at the University since 1979, when they established the Frederick Thorpe Ulverscroft Chair of Ophthalmology with an annual donation of £25,000 for 10 years. Since then, support from the Foundation has continued, and now totals more than £1 million.

Research at the unit, which will be led by Irene Gottlob, Professor of Ophthalmology from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, involves understanding diseases that affect the eyes and brain. One area of focus is in young children and infants, including abnormal retinal and optic nerve development caused by premature birth or retinal diseases. The Ulverscroft Foundation has recently supported groundbreaking research in the Unit where high-resolution imaging of the eyes has been used to diagnose eye and brain diseases in childhood.

Trustees of the Foundation joined Professor Boyle, Professor Gottlob and other University staff members to witness the unveiling of the plaque at the Unit, based at Knighton Street Outpatients Department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.