Student becomes youngest to graduate from Harvard

Eugenie de Silva (pictured), who started reading for her PhD at Leicester aged 15, has become the youngest person to graduate from Harvard University.

Eugenie, who is now 16, completed her Master’s in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Legal Studies at Harvard University Division of Continuing Education. She also won the Luce Leader Award for 2015 and became the youngest to receive this award.

The Award is presented to young leaders working to better humanity, either in the US or abroad who embody the characteristics of honour, intelligence, benevolence and integrity.

Eugenie’s doctoral studies, by distance learning, are in the Department of Politics and International Relations under the supervision of Professor Mark Phythian. She is focusing on Denial and Deception in World War II.

Describing her experience of studying at Leicester, Eugenie said: “My desire to attend the University of Leicester was fuelled by the fact that Professor Mark Phythian was a research supervisor at the University. During my undergraduate studies and graduate studies, I used Professor Phythian's work in my own reports - hence, I knew attending this University would provide me with a unique opportunity to work under a specialist and expert in my chosen field. I am proud to be a student of the University of Leicester.”

Professor Phythian said: “Eugenie’s field of research is an area of ongoing importance, and her research is set to advance knowledge and understanding of it.”

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