Leicestershire girls challenged to uncover the story behind Richard III

Thousands of girls from across Leicestershire are being challenged to find out more about King Richard III as part of an innovative new badge from Girlguiding Leicestershire.

The King Richard III Challenge is a new resource for members of Girlguiding aged between five and 25 which uses hands-on activities to explore the Medieval world, history and discovery of Richard III.

They will receive a badge for their efforts on completion of a set number of activities. This new initiative highlights how special the discovery has been to the city and the county of Leicestershire

The Challenge Badge has been developed by a group of Leaders from Girlguiding Leicestershire, the University of Leicester (Departments of Genetics, Archaeology, King Richard III Outreach and GENIE) and Leicester Cathedral and reflects the interdisciplinary research and collaboration that has been employed throughout the investigation; from the initial discovery of the skeleton, through the excavation of the Grey Friars site, to the identification of the remains as King Richard III.

To complete the challenge girls can choose to take part in activities from across five sections, covering History, Food and Feasts, Entertainment and Communication, Discovery and Medieval Games.

Every Girlguiding unit in the county will receive a printed copy of the resource, and the first 1,000 girls to complete the Challenge in Leicestershire will receive their badge for free. The Challenge badge pack, plus resources for Leaders to use can also be downloaded here.

  • Press Release
  • The Search for Richard III was led by the University of Leicester, working with Leicester City Council, and in association with the Richard III Society. The originator of the Search was Philippa Langley, of the Richard III Society