First worldwide patient recruited to kidney study

A team of Leicester researchers is conducting a number of clinical trials in different types of kidney disease and has recently started a study examining a new treatment for IgA Nephropathy.

The study is assessing the effectiveness and safety of a new drug called Fostamatinib which is designed to reduce the inflammation and scarring resulting from the IgA1 being deposited in the kidneys.

The first worldwide participant, Scott Jennings from Earl Shilton, was recruited to the study on Wednesday 3 December at Leicester General Hospital.

IgA Nephropathy is a chronic disease that commonly affects young people and can lead to kidney failure and the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant. IgA Nephropathy develops when antibodies, called IgA1, deposit in the fine filters of both kidneys, resulting in inflammation and scarring of the kidneys.

The research team is led by Dr Jonathan Barratt, Reader at the University's Department of Infection Immunity & Inflammation and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at Leicester’s Hospitals.

Dr Barratt said: “It is very satisfying for Leicester to be the first centre in the world to recruit to this study, as we were involved in the laboratory studies that showed for the first time that Fostamatinib might be a new treatment for IgA Nephropathy.”

The study, also supported by the Clinical Research Network: East Midlands, will be delivered in Leicester until January 2018. Worldwide, it will involve up to 75 adult patients with IgAN from approximately 25 different research centres from the UK, Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and Taiwan.