Beat those January exam blues

It's cold. It's wet. It's dark. Welcome to January. Most people suffer from a case of the 'January blues' but add exam worries to the mix and you really have got a gloomy prognosis.

However, Leicester's Students' Union is helping students combat exam stress in a number of ways this January, from bringing back the bubble wrap stations to handing out free stress buster packs and even extending breakfast times at The Diner.

So go ahead and beat those January exam blues with the following:

  • Bubble wrap stations will return to the Students' Union from Tuesday 13 January and Nightline are planning to hand out free tea and coffee.
  • The Diner has a special 'Smart Breakfast' option available for just £1.95 and are opening from the earlier time of 8.00am to encourage students to eat breakfast in order to fuel up for exams.
  • The Hungry for Change project is sharing a recipe every day via their Twitter page
  • The Students' Union is also giving away 250 stress buster packs (pictured) plus a door hanger for students to cut out and keep. The packs include:

A transparent pencil case (for exam use)

A sachet of bath salts

A tea bag

An exam checklist

A pen

A highlighter

An exam planner/diary

So whether you fancy boosting your day with a tasty breakfast, relieving some stress by popping bubble wrap or picking up a cool stress busting freebie pack, head down to the Percy Gee Building today to find out more.